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There are few better ways to see Bend and Central Oregon's beauty than on a bike. For us, cycling is part of life. We have some of the country's best mountain bike trails in our back yard.

The hills around Bend hold over 500 miles of singletrack with more added every year. Mountain biking around Bend has no equal for both the quality and quantity of groomed trails. They make it easy for beginners and experts alike to find the perfect line.

It would take more than a lifetime to exhaust the possible routes, but you're more than welcome to try. We completely understand; for us, it's woven into life.  It's easy to see why we've been named the best Mountain Bike Town in the country by Mountain Bike Action magazine.

For more information about mountain biking in Central Oregon, check out this interactive map courtesy of Bend Trails.

Bend Trails

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If the road is your sweet spot...

Plan your cycling vacation through Bend. It's the perfect hub for any Oregon cycle tour. At its heart is the timeless Three Sisters Scenic Bikeway. Several routes along the way are officially designated Oregon Scenic Bikeways. The breathtaking routes link central Oregon communities through vistas that you have to see to believe. For more tips, stop by the Bend Visitor Center, we understand what you're looking for and have a map and a few ideas about how to make it happen. Contact Us to learn more about biking in Bend, Oregon

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Ready To Plan Your Next Vacation?

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Ready To Plan Your Next Vacation?

Fill out the form and let's plan your next Bend Vacation.

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