Floating the Deschutes River

Summer Vacation in Bend, OR

The Time to Book Your Summer Vacation in Bend is NOW

Yes, you read that right.  While many people are still trying to decide if they feel comfortable traveling during Spring Break, vacation rental properties are quickly filling up for summer vacation in Bend. 

While COVID-19 vaccination distribution has been far from perfect across the country, it seems like the general consensus is that most people who want the vaccine will be able to get it before summer is really here.

Tower Theater
Tower Theater

With that in mind, people are planning their Bend vacations early this year.  And why not… Bend summers are epic and people are longing for something to look forward to!  Just the thought of floating the Deschutes River with a big group of friends, letting your kids run around freely while you enjoy a beer at Crux, or catching a show at the Tower Theater brings a smile to your face. 

While we’re still a little uncertain about huge events like concerts or Brewfest, we have a lot of hope that most local businesses will be open with little to no restriction.  And of course, the outdoor adventures never stop!

In a normal year, we see local vacation rental properties getting reserved about 60 to 65 days in advance.  But as we all know, this is not a normal year.  So many people have felt cooped up and unable to travel that they are desperate for a vacation. 

I spoke with a vacation rental property manager today who told me that she was already seeing quite a few reservations being made into June and July.  A few of her executive rentals (minimum 30 days) are already full through October.  From our own research, we are seeing that this is pretty consistent across the board. 

So yes, the time to book your summer vacation in Bend, Or is NOW.  Don’t wait and miss out on the perfect vacation rental in Bend.  Don’t expect that mountain bike rentals will be available if you wait until the last minute.  Give us a call and let Bend Vacations help plan your perfect Bend, Oregon vacation before it’s too late.

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