Things To Know About Bend

Fall Hikes Near Bend – 5 Underrated Trails

Peter Skene Ogden Trail
Fall hikes near Bend is something we can asked about all the time. That’s because the autumn season is the best season in Central Oregon for hiking. The weather is cooler but usually still sunny until November. The leaves are changing color and there are not as many people on the trails. Bend is known […]

Winter In Bend! Where has it gone?

Februray in Bend
Winter in Bend?! Where has it gone? Today it was 72 degrees on February 10th. Without getting into the debate on climate change and/or politics; we’ll tell you that we are PRAYING (dancing, singing, thinking, hoping) for snow. It’s amazing to be out floating the river, hiking, skiing in shorts, and getting a tan in […]

Pub Crawl Through Town

Pub Crawl Through Town
Bend Vacation’s Ideal Pub Crawl Bend is probably most well known for beer and our outdoor lifestyle. While there are several awesome tours of our beer scene, sometimes it’s best to just enjoy the sun and pub crawl through town at your own pace. If experiencing multiple different brewers, sitting outside, walking along the river, […]

Hiking In Bend

Bend waterfall
Hiking in Bend… where do we start?! One of top questions we get asked is “what are your favorite hiking trails in Central Oregon?” It makes sense since roughly 42 percent of Bend visitors do some sort of hiking or trail running while in town. But that’s a tough question or answer! There are so […]

Dogs In Bend

Dogs in Bend at Good Dog!
We get tons of questions from people traveling with their dogs regarding the dog “friendliness” of Bend. Visitors are surprised to hear that there are more off-leash dog areas in Bend than there are in Portland?! There is no better way to get out and explore the beauty of Bend than with your best 4-legged […]

Where to Stay In Bend, Oregon – part 1

Anytime you’re visiting a tourist town you can safely assume that there are a TON of options when it comes to lodging.  Where to stay in (or near) Bend is first question that needs to be answered when you’re planning your Central Oregon vacation.  Bend was recently ranked 4th in the country for vacation rentals […]

Hotels In Bend – Where to Stay in Bend, Oregon – part 3

Generic Hotel In Bend Oregon
Unless you are business traveler who is loyal to a specific chain of hotels, I was a Marriott guy in my former life, the number of hotel options in Bend can be daunting.  A quick Google search for hotels in Bend, OR will bring up nearly 100 listings.  For a town the size of Bend, […]

Resorts Near Bend – Where to Stay in Bend, OR – part 2

Not everyone comes to Bend for the breweries and outdoor adventure. In fact, we have many amazing resorts near Bend. These resorts offer world class golf, beautiful lodging options, pools, spas, fine dining, and more.  This may surprise many of you who think of Bend as a craft beer and extreme sports mecca. The resorts […]

Vacation Rentals Near Bend – Where to Stay In Bend – part 4

Aubrey Butte Executive Rental
A study released in November of 2019 found that Bend has 1,658 Airbnb listings per 50,000 people which puts our beautiful city fourth on the list when it comes to the most saturated vacation rental markets in the U.S. IPX1031, an investment property exchange service, surveyed more than 750 U.S. cities and found that our little […]

Bend Ski / Snowboard Vacation

Mt Bachelor
With snow predicted to fall in Bend this weekend and temperatures dropping to the teens overnight, it’s time to start getting cautiously optimistic about ski season.  If you’re planning your Bend ski / snowboard vacation, make sure to read this blog for your Mt. Bachelor updates. Mt Bachelor was able to pull off a successful […]

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