Dogs in Bend at Good Dog!

Dogs In Bend

We get tons of questions from people traveling with their dogs regarding the dog “friendliness” of Bend. Visitors are surprised to hear that there are more off-leash dog areas in Bend than there are in Portland?! There is no better way to get out and explore the beauty of Bend than with your best 4-legged friends. Good Dog! at the Rimrock trailhead provides miles of off-leash trails and river access for those well behaved furry boys and girls. It can get a little busy during certain times of the year, but it’s still one of our favorite off leash spots. The proximity to town, variety of trails, and miles of river access make it a perfect place to get you and your pup some exercise.

Dog in Bend also love that they can join you at some your favorite pubs for lunch. GoodLife, Crux, and Bend Brewing Company offer dog friendly grass fields that provide room for your leashed pup to play. There are generally too many people and other dogs around to let them safely roam free. Many other local watering holes around town like 10 Barrel, Sunriver Brewing, and Cascade Lakes Brewing have outdoor seating areas that are dog friendly.

While trails like Good Dog! are designated off-leash year round, many other trails allow dogs to be off leash from October 15th – May 15th. Of course we always expect that off leash dogs are well behaved, listen to commands, and come with responsible owners who clean up after them. Visit to find about which other trails near Bend are designated “off-leash” for at least part of the year. It’s easy so see that we love dogs in Bend!

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