Where to Stay In Bend, Oregon – part 1

Anytime you’re visiting a tourist town you can safely assume that there are a TON of options when it comes to lodging.  Where to stay in (or near) Bend is first question that needs to be answered when you’re planning your Central Oregon vacation.  Bend was recently ranked 4th in the country for vacation rentals per capita.  A quick Google search will bring up nearly 100 hotels/motels.  There are several golf centric resorts like Sunriver, Brasada Ranch, Pronghorn, Black Butte, and Seventh Mountain Resort.  The Cascade Lakes Highway offers a few lakeside resorts and a plethora of campgrounds.  Top that all off with a sprinkle of quaint Bed and Breakfasts and I’m sure you now understand just how many lodging options there are in Central Oregon. 

Researching where to stay in Bend can take hours. We’re hoping this blog series can makes it a little easier since where you stay will have a big impact on the type of trip you’re going to have.  If you’re hoping to leave your car parked and spend more of your time traveling around town by foot, you’ll want to find something that lets you access all areas of town easily.  If you are planning on getting out on the trails for hiking or biking you might want to look for a place on the west side of town.  There are so many things to consider when picking you’re lodging in Bend.  We’ll try out best to break down the options in this 5 part series, but we’re also just a phone call or email away if you need more help!


The big thing to know here is that Mt. Bachelor is an amazing ski mountain but there is no resort.  The only lodging option on the mountain is to rent an RV spot in the West Village.  Make sure to bring a hard-sided RV (no pop up campers).  Both Sunriver and Seventh Mountain Resort are 20ish minutes away from the mountain and offer shuttle services. 

Brasada Ranch, Pronghorn, Black Butte Ranch, and Sunriver showcase wonderful golf options as well as a true resort feel. All offer miles of walking/biking trails, dinning options, pools, and spas.  For something more rustic, there are options like Elk Lake Resort or Cultus Lake Resort on the Cascade Lakes Highway. Read out in-depth breakdown of the local resorts HERE.

Vacations Rentals

With over 2000 vacation rentals in the greater Bend area, there is definitely a property out there that will fit your needs.  We do a deeper dive into the vacation rental market HERE, but here are two quick tips that should help you.  First, make sure to put in all the filters you can to insure that you’re narrowing down your search results.  Secondly, if you find a property that you’re interested in, scroll down to see who “hosts” or “manages” the property.  Often times you can save money by reaching out to the management company and booking directly.


Much like vacation rentals in Bend, there is no shortage of hotels/motels around town.  If you are a frequent traveler you are likely a member of a hotel loyalty program.  There are properties by Hilton, Marriott, and even a Best Western Premier in town.  If you aren’t loyal to a specific hotel brand, there are tons of options out there to meet your needs.  Some hotels, like LOGE Bend Hotel, cater specifically to the outdoor enthusiast.  Get our breakdown of the local hotel scene HERE


Bend is known for it’s outdoor lifestyle. Why not totally immerse yourself in the culture and camp at one of the many campgrounds in the area.  Or, if you really feel like roughing it, you can make your own camp spot on National Forrest Service or BLM land.  If you’re hoping to stay at a campground with amenities like bathrooms or full RV hookups you’ll want to book your reservation early.  Most campgrounds in Central Oregon sell out for summer.  Learn more about Bend camping HERE.

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